Cosmetic & Beauty Accessory Lot

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Jeffree Star Mirror, NIB
*Kylie Cosmetic Hat, NWOT
*Kylie Cosmetics Makeup Bag, NWOT
**Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Cosmetic Bag, NWOT
Juicy Couture Relaxation Set, NIB
Two Faced Skinny Dip Makeup Bag, NWT
Two Faced Radiant Duo Tone Bronzer, NIB
Two Faced Deluxe Lipstick & Bronzer Set, NIB
Victoria’s Secret Makeup Bag, NWT
Tommy Hilfiger Peach Blossom Eau de Parfum & Body Wash Set, NIB

Includes Excel Manifest and images (w/permission from seller to use)
*Kylie hat and makeup bag will include the pink shipping box it came in along with the post card.
**Jeffree Star Cosmetic Bag comes in the JS plastic bag it came in.